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Attention Water Customer of the City of Cut and Shoot


Attention Water Customer of the City of Cut and Shoot

You've probably noticed all the roadside construction occurring up and down TX 105 E. from the Conroe City Limits to Cleveland. TX 105 is going to be widened and that requires the relocation of our water lines.  

The water line construction may at times cause inconveniences to businesses and residents, such as:

No Water - usually caused by a planned outage for line changes - Notices are placed at resident's homes and businesses and signs are posted on the highway about the planned outage. Our goal is to keep outages short-term and your service quickly restored, however, at times it can take longer periods of time to make necessary repairs. 

When contractors accidentally cut a water line, you may experience low water pressure or no water for a time while they make the repairs required. Off-colored water may result for a short time once service is restored. Water may appear milky which indicates air in the line or yellow/brown from sediment in the lines. 

Low water pressure - usually caused by a planned line change or a line purging. Our goal is for pressure to be restored in a timely manner by the contractor. 

No water - Did you forget to pay your bill, or check your online payment?

We certainly appreciate the patience of our customers during this changeover.